The Philosophy of the Firm

The goal of financial planning is to secure the financial future of clients by minimizing taxes, controlling risks, and optimizing investment returns. We work with clients to clarify goals, develop strategies, and implement those strategies that are most likely to achieve their objectives.

Our goal is to help clients achieve their goals-both financial and life goals. This includes not only strategies designed to minimize taxes, control risks, and optimize investment returns but also the achievement of unique personal goals. We understand that this requires an in-depth knowledge of the client. We are willing to spend the time necessary to develop the understanding of the client's goals that is essential to generating the optimal strategy to help each client obtain and retain wealth. To achieve the optimal outcome, all aspects of the client's legal, accounting, tax, actuarial, investment and estate planning goals must be considered.

Clients need an intelligent, well educated, and hard working professional. But most importantly, clients need an advisor who puts the client first when making recommendations.

It is our belief that a consultant must be licensed, knowledgeable and active in all relevant disciplines in order to fully understand the intricacies and interactions among various strategies and to be able to provide complete and unbiased advice. We pride ourselves in maintaining the broad knowledge base necessary to be of assistance to the wide range of clients that call upon us for advice.


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